Christina's World

Welcome to my website!

I am Dr. Christina Seiman Chu.


You can read my updated professional biography/resume/CV at


I am currently a research associate professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Daytona Beach, Florida. I have also started taking classes towards a Master of Business Administration.


I was previously a Doctorate of Philosophy in Space Physics student at the Geophysical Institute (GI), University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). I matriculated in August 2017.


Up until December 2010, I was a accelerated masters student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Daytona Beach, Florida, working on my Master of Science in Engineering Physics.

Latest Fun Discoveries

The Florida Aquarium

I've started volunteering as a divemaster at The Florida Aquarium and it is so much fun!


 I've Outgrown My Entry-Level DSLR

In April 2017, I saw blue aurora for the first time in my life (after trying for 6 years). It was disappointing to have grainy pictures even at low ISO levels.



I Love Ice Diving!



I'm a better artist than I though I was!

I've learned to do ice sculpting in spring 2014 at the Fairbanks Ice Alaska Park. I started with a small tabletop sized dalek. It took 5 hours.



I was then invited to compete in the single block competition with an experienced sculptor (the competition with all the professional artists). I was incredibly nervous because I'd only ever done the one small sculpture pictured above. It was a 60 hour competition, 2 person teams.




I then decided to captain my own 2 person team in the amateur open exhibition. I estimate that this 'Nightmare Before Christmas' inspired piece took about 58 hours to create. (Tuesday-Friday)



Full summary at Ice Alaska's website


Dominion: a strategy card game with medieval themed cards - not something I'd ever picture myself playing (I can't stand to associate myself with Lord-of-the-Rings-Harry-Potteresque movies/books) but it actually is a lot of fun and thinking.

This link autopicks the cards to play with in each game:


Top Ramen is way better than Maruchan.


DropBox! Lets you store your documents on multiple computers at the same time. Updates all copies automatically and saves a copy online. Awesome! Now you can work from anywhere :)




My Alaska Schedule (Ph.D.)





Working on research for my thesis, Hot Flow Anomalies.















Being excited to live in Wickersham Hall.















Finding stuff to do in Fairbanks (ex. aurora hunting).









 NASA Goddard internship/fellowship work - finding interesting things to do on trips out of the Prince George's Metro station.

My ERAU Schedule (Bachelors and Masters)


 Working on research for my thesis, A Statistical Study of the Turbulence in the Magnetospheric Cusp,









Being a Resident Advisor in Apollo Hall
















Finding things to do in Daytona Beach.









This website was created as I neared the end of my masters thesis writing as a means to showcase my awards, activities, and personality to graduate schools/potential PhD advisers. As a result, most of the information here is academic/resume related. It is why the CV page is the most up-to-date. I am in the process of updating the site to include more of my non-academic life. This updating process is started at


In fall 2013, I started flight lessons to earn my private pilot certificate. I've kept a detailed blog (complete with many pictures) at 

(Partial update November 2017)